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Our history


January, 2004


Registration and foundation of the company "Jan Preiss" as a one-man-business in a home office. Activities: Trade with agricultural products, mainly potatoes, fruits and vegetables.
First Spanish early potatoes are traded. First German potatoes are exported.


Foundation of the company "AgriServe GmbH"

Trade with early potatoes from Egypt in EU markets. Company "Preiss Agrar" produces early potatoes in Spain for the first time.

January 2005


January 2006


Both companies move into an external office in Ebstorf.
A first employee is hired. For the first time, company "Preiss Agrar" imports early potatoes from Malta.


The companies grow

An accountant and a second employee for the office are hired. The area of sales of early potatoes from Egypt is extended. AgriServe GmbH takes over the sales also in the German market. For the first time, Egyptian inshell peanuts are imported and sold.




Company "Preiss Agrar" receives the bio certification
Company AgriServe GmbH receives the QS certification. A further employee is hired for the office.


AgriServe GmbH is liquidated.

December 2011

January 2012

Both company activities are merged

The import and export activities of both companies are merged. From now on, all activities are taken over by company `Preiss Agrar´. Trade with early potatoes, oranges and inshell peanuts from Egypt. Trade with early potatoes from Spain, Malta, Morocco. The cooperation with a partner from the Netherlands for purchasing and sales is intensified in order to expand the assortment of fruits and vegetables.

QS certification

QS certification of company "Preiss Agrar"

February 2012

August 2012


Due to continuous growth, company "Preiss Agrar" moves into a bigger office location in Ebstorf.

IFS Broker certification

Company "Preiss Agrar" receives the IFS Broker certification

March 2015

October 2015

Change of legal form

The company changes the legal form into `Preiss Agrar, Handel & Beratung e.K.´ A further employee is hired especially for quality management. The decision is taken to build an own office facility in Ebstorf.

Move into the new office building

Company "Preiss Agrar" moves into the own new office in Ebstorf. Trade with early potatoes, oranges and inshell peanuts from Egypt. Trade with early potatoes from Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Morocco. Trade with other agricultural products as needed by the customers.

October 2016

Preiss Agrar

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