Terms of Trade

Terms of purchase, sales and general terms of trade:

1) Orders by our clients are only binding when confirmed by us in a written sales contract.

2) We sell and buy potatoes according to the German Potato Trading Terms (Deutsche Kartoffelgeschäftsbedingungen (Berliner Vereinbarung 1956)) latest edition and, in case of international trade, according to the European Potato Trading Terms (RUCIP), latest edition.

For other merchandise, we conduct our trade according to the respective trading terms mentioned in our sales contract. In case no trading terms are mentioned, the quality terms mentioned in the general marketing standards for fruits and vegetables apply.

In case of disputes, the court of arbitration mentioned in the respective trading terms is referred to for a settlement. The right to appeal to a regular court of law in our place of business - especially but not exclusively in cases of payment complaints - is reserved to us as seller of the goods.

3) Delivered goods remain our property until we have received the full payment. We claim extended proprietary rights. For further details concerning our proprietary rights we refer to § 23 of the German Potato Trade Terms (Kartoffelgeschäftsbedingungen (Berliner Vereinbarung 1956)), latest edition.

4)Destruction of harvest or parts thereof by means of force majeure as well as the disability to deliver because of force majeure, also legal regulations or obstruction by the police, as well as spoilage of the contracted merchandise, release us from our delivery obligation or allow us to reduce the contracted quantity.

5) We generally refuse any terms of trade put forward by our respective contract partners. None of their terms of trade will be considered a part of our contract, also in case we do not explicitly point out our refusal with every individual contract.

6) Furthermore, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies.

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