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With us, purchasing your goods is trouble-free all the way.

We organize the logistics and in-time delivery from the country of origin until to the final destination. This door-to-door service is our standard for you.
For imported goods, we arrange customs clearance and plant protection procedures as well as port handling, storage and in-time delivery. We can also arrange laboratory analysis if needed.

Preiss Agrar

When we export, we take care of the after sales activities from the loading place up to the final destination.

If requested, we will organize transportation up to the final destination. In case of export outside of the EU we can arrange export clearance (documents, customs clearance and phytosanitary clearance).
If our clients arrange their own transportation, we coordinate with the loading place until the goods are securely placed on the truck. Upon request, we can also arrange a quality control of the goods upon loading or before.


Arrive at the European ports in reefer containers or in chartered vessels. Unless they are directly delivered to the clients, the early potatoes are immediately put into coldstores in the arrival port. A certain part of the Egyptian early potatoes is directly transferred by reefer trucks into rented coldstores in Germany. From here, the goods are available in sufficient quantity and at short notice throughout the season.

We either arrange transportation to the final destination or the client can pick up his load in the port.

Since many years we cooperate with experienced and specialized transport companies that offer us trucks at all our coldstore locations at any given time. Therefore we can react to delivery requests immediately and thus comply with the tight delivery schedule of our customers.

These potatoes are loaded into reefer trucks directly in the field and go straight to the final customer. If needed, sorting before departure is possible in Spain and Malta.
Potatoes are usually brought to our clients in reefer trucks.

These are brought from Egypt by reefer container. If needed, we arrange storage in the reefer stores in the arrival ports until the client requests delivery.

Our citrus fruits are sold palletwise or in full trucks, as needed. Naturally, our clients can also pick up their goods in the port with their own trucks.

We are open for seasonal agreements and will then arrange the shipments according to the delivery schedule of our clients.
These are shipped from Egypt in standard 40" box containers and delivered directly to the client. If needed, we can arrange intermediate storage. We appreciate seasonal agreements in order to best meet the delivery schedule of our customers.

These are loaded either into reefer trucks or into tilt trucks. Upon agreement with the customer we can apply frost- or sunlight protection. Naturally, our customers can also send their own trucks to load.

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