Our guidelines

Preiss Agrar
stands for


quality oriented, reliable and in-time for our clients, we keep our agreements


we have a focus on sustainability, security, traceability and high quality of our products

Market conform

we purchase and sell our products with market conform prices, taking care to cover the production costs of our suppliers


we are effective and transparent in our work flow


we are a long-standing and reliable partner to our suppliers

Solution oriented

in case of problems we collectively search for constructive solutions

Team oriented

we work and think as a team and collectively we contribute to the company´s success

Preiss Agrar
Our company code

Towards the inside, codes are like a user manual. Each employee can derive from it the reason and necessity for his daily work routine. By clearly and thoroughly describing each process, we create an understanding for what we do. Teamwork is built by a strong and positive identification with the company itself.

By working independently, by taking over obligations and responsibility as well as by respecting the individual rights we encourage the idea of cooperation and motivation among the colleagues. Individual skills and talents of each employee are requested and promoted. Conflicts are settled at an early stage.
Dealing with one another in a respectful, transparent and honest manner creates an atmosphere of confidence and constructive cooperation. Recourses are identified and utilized. This is valid within the Preiss Agrar team but also towards the outside, whenever we deal with our producers, suppliers, service providers and clients.

Our core business is the trade of agricultural products with an emphasis on potatoes and early potatoes, citrus fruits, peanuts, ginger and sweet potatoes. Nevertheless, we are always looking forward to develop niche products like Tonka beans or dry Hibiscus flowers.
We are connected to all our producers by long-standing personal relationships. The certification level of their products is of great importance to us. For all our imported and exported products we request compliance with the standards of QS, IFS, BRC, GlobalG.A.P. or comparable standards.

Based on our well developed national and international network, we have created the essentials to be a strong partner for our clients, offering high quality products in sufficient quantity, reliable service and long-term experience.
Preiss Agrar cannot influence politics or improve human rights. We have no educational mission either. What we can do, however, is to promote following the social standards according to ILO.
Our suppliers and producers have to follow a corresponding declaration which we ask them to sign. Our contribution is, that a part of the population in our supplier countries has work and can support and feed their families. Seed material delivered by us stays in the country and the field production can later be sold locally. This is our contribution to nutrition ethics.

The Preiss Agrar team follows these ethical guidelines in word and deed: We are part of a flat hierarchy and deal with each other in partnership, honesty and trust. Regardless of status, origin, religion or gender.

Preiss Agrar

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